Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Database is a new website dedicated to reviewing upcoming and new movies and TV shows. The approach that this new movie review and TV review website is taking is what we call a no BS approach and intends to tell readers how and why they should watch the movie or not.

The new movie and TV review database is designed with a very clean format that is easy to navigate and is also interactive, where readers can leave their own review on the movie or TV show.

This new idea was inspired by a love of watching movies and TV shows and feeling the need to review. Reading many of the most popular movie review and TV review sites we always thought that the reviews were biased or to short with a lack of detail.

We have big future plans to include a lot of details that are not usually shown such as what kind of weapon is your favourite baddie or hero in the movie using and would it be a viable weapon for them to use. The devil is in the details. Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Database is here to stay so we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing.