Moving on Audits service can help you with:

- A planned program of surveys and audits.
- Benchmarking against other aged care organisations.
- Objectively assessing your quality systems.
- Identifying areas of risk to your organisation.
- Creating a better quality aged care service through data.
- Moving on Audits is the leading provider of quality improvement programs in the Australian Aged Care Sector.

Our unique program provides residential aged care facilities, community care services and retirement villages with a scheduled plan of monthly audits, surveys and quality indicators designed to facilitate risk management, accreditation compliance and continuous quality improvement.

As a member of Moving on Audits you can identify areas of risk to your organisation, track your performance over time and confidentially benchmark your results with other aged care organisations.

The program is fully customisable to ensure that it is addressing the questions that are important to your organisation. Our prepared library of audits and quality indicators are constantly updated using the best available research and standards.

With Moving on Audits the hard work of data collection is done, allowing members to concentrate on actioning audit results, identifying corrective actions and implementing quality improvement initiatives.

Like our members, Moving on Audits is committed to continuous improvement. If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact us.