Mission –

The primary Mission of MrCheckpoint is to deter drunk driving and
promote public safety by publicizing DUI checkpoints, DUI statistics,
speed traps, police activity, and changes in DUI awareness campaigns.

Method –

In order actually help prevent drunk driving on the roads the first step is to reach the right audience. An organization as well known as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) who helps countless victims of drunk driving doesn’t necessarily identify with the right demographic when trying to make a difference on our roads. MrCheckpoint prides itself in identifying and targeting the right demographic being twenty-one to thirty-five year olds, which make up majority of arrests and accidents relating to DUI. MrCheckpoint uses advanced technology and social media to provide up-to-date information for visitors and subscribers of http://www.mrcheckpoint.com.

MrCheckpoint’s free texting service sends ad supported SMS text messages in real-time to users who subscribe and opt-in to receive the service by texting the word NODUI to the number 51515. Users receive DUI checkpoint updates, speed trap alerts, as well discounts to local sponsors. MrCheckpoint is proud to have sent over One Million text messages since the launch in August of 2012.

Motivation –

MrCheckpoint’s goal is to constantly explain and remind the dangers of DUI as well the high cost of getting arrested. MrCheckpoint has been publicly supported by anti-DUI non-profits and local police departments including MADD, DrinkingandDriving.org, Beverly Hills PD, Arcadia PD, and several others for helping build DUI awareness.

By researching and studying the basics of DUI laws, our desire is to
help the public understand their rights and responsibilities at a DUI Checkpoint.

DUI checkpoints are conducted for two main reasons.

1)     Educate drivers and passengers who go through the checkpoint on the harms, dangers, and consequences of DUI.
2)     Publicize checkpoint locations reminding those out and about to travel responsibly deterring them from possibly drinking and driving.

A typical DUI checkpoint will screen anywhere from 600 to
2000 cars where each person will receive a post card size fact sheet about the reality of driving under the influence. This is how the DUI checkpoint becomes educational.

The publicizing of the DUI checkpoint is what makes people who are out partying think twice about drunk driving. Authorities released that DUI arrests, accidents, and fatalities are reduced by 20% when a DUI checkpoint is publicized well.

A common misconception is that DUI checkpoints are conducted to catch drivers under the influence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that DUI checkpoints only identify under half of 1
percent (.45%) of DUI drivers who go through DUI checkpoints. The
checkpoint’s true purpose is to hand out educational material on
statistics and such that would make people think twice about driving
drunk in the future.

When officers want to identify and arrest drunk drivers they perform
DUI saturation patrols. A DUI saturation patrol is where maximum amount of officers scan the roads in a given area looking for signs that would signify someone driving under the influence.  Typical saturation patrols arrest over 14% of the drivers officers come into contact with in a given night proving to be the effective way to catch drunk drivers.

MrCheckpoint shares the local police department’s desire to send a message of responsibility. Most police departments publish checkpoint locations in advance and shared by MrCheckpoint’s large network reaching millions of people.