The “M” is for McCracken. The “R” is for Riedford.

Mr. Pictures is the culmination of a twenty-year-long creative partnership between the award-winning duo of Writer/Director David McCracken and Producer/Composer Josh Riedford. It is our commitment to a consistent and continual output of high-quality character-driven content.

Our first film, the 1970s action/thriller Bullitt County, was completed in 2017 and premiered at the Austin Film Festival. Performing strong on the festival circuit and winning multiple awards, including six “Best Picture,” it was released nationwide in October 2018 through AMC Theatres. It was then picked up by Netflix along with over 100 other VOD platforms as well as DVD in February 2019 through Gravitas Ventures.

Presently, we have transitioned to the online sphere with a new web series called "The Stephen Kingdom," an educational and irreverently comical analysis of the cultural and literary significance of Stephen King. New episodes are regularly released on YouTube.