Mr. Tre’ McNair Owner and CEO of Agape’ Entertainment Consulting Group have been building a name for his company since 2001 as a company of integrity. Known to his family and friends as Tre’ has success in (Management Consulting, Celebrity Booking Consulting, Film Productions, Event Development & Promotions) Mr. Tre’ McNair is effectively and efficiently deliver a quality service and actively participating in shaping the evolution of the Entertainment Event Industry. “Making the wounded whole” is the company’s main function. With a networking association of companies Tre’ has provided the “best in class” services.  

For several years Tre’ have worked with some of the best up and coming celebrity artists in the entertainment industry. Tre’ have consulted, coordinated and managed artist. I am what you would call an Entertainment Consultant specializing in coordinating events from start to finish by booking artists, accommodations, scheduling, budgets & consulting. In addition to that, he coordinates venues, tours, photos and productions. His main mission is developing strong relationships with clients forming a network to ensure that he is always responsive to the unique needs and requirements of each client he works with.

Furthermore, Tre’ has been maintaining a long-term stability; providing access to a network spectrum of quality entertainment sources; and maintaining the highest levels of professional and personal ethics.