Acquaint Softtech is now an official Laravel Partner making them one of the top few companies in India and Asia to achieve this. A Laravel partner refers to a company or an organization that has established a formal partnership or affiliation with Laravel, a popular PHP web framework. Laravel partners are recognized by Laravel's official team and are known for their expertise in developing Laravel applications.

Being a Laravel Partner means increased visibility, access to exclusive resources and support from the Laravel team, networking opportunities, and credibility within the Laravel community. Laravel partners may also receive early access to new features, updates, and training materials, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Laravel ecosystem.

It takes a great deal of experience and expertise to become a Laravel partner company. It usually means going through an application process followed by evaluation by the Laravel team based on various criteria before granting them partner status. However, Laravel Partners are sought after by businesses looking to develop Laravel-based applications, as they guarantee quality and expertise in working with the framework. Get in touch with them if you wish to boost the online presence of your business.

For more information visit https://partners.laravel.com/partners/acquaint-softtech