Founded originally in 2020 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Rodrigo Franzão and currently located in New Orleans, USA, Museu Têxtil aims to bring together curious minds interested in art, design, and culture by presenting universal research, techniques, and styles found in textile, mixed, and dimensional arts. These universal concepts are presented by visionaries from around the world who use their creativity to express themselves and share their worldviews. In this way, Museu Têxtil becomes a space that stimulates dialogue and inspires art lovers and creators from all over the world. The main objective of Museu Têxtil is to disseminate the work of creative minds who use textile strategies as support in their creations. Additionally, the institution aims to foster an environment conducive to research, production, and exhibition of this cultural manifestation and form of artistic expression. With this, Museu Têxtil is dedicated to promoting and valuing textile art, encouraging the creation of new works and the refinement of techniques and knowledge in this area.