Muvezi provides relief from preventable infectious conditions. It does this by sending Love Silver Sol, a new anti-microbial silver solution, to those who cannot afford treatment themselves. This distribution occurs largely through established charities working in impoverished countries. This supply of Love Silver Sol is funded through a number of partner projects and direct donations.

In short, Muvezi provides tools to overcome life-threatening infections. Healthy child by healthy child, Muvezi works to restore hope in places where it is needed the most.

Here is a summary of our organization's beliefs:

1) We believe that all people, regardless of age, economic condition, or nationality, deserve protection against preventable infectious conditions.

2) We believe that health is one of most important things to each person in the world.

3) We believe that those who cannot overcome human suffering from infectious conditions on their own deserve help from those who are in a position to provide assistance.

4) We believe that impoverished people suffering from infectious conditions deserve:

   a) Access to information about a new anti-microbial treatment that is safe, lab-tested, and cost effective.
   b) Free access to supplies.

5) We believe that many people around the planet also hold these beliefs, and that:

   a) Cooperation with like-minded people lets us all act with maximum speed and effectiveness.
   b) Collaboration with established groups and charities accelerates the pace of achieving common goals.
   c) The participation of talented individuals like you is essential for writing the brilliant humanitarian success stories of the 21st Century.

6) We believe that taking real action to affect positive change is:

   a) Perhaps the most meaningful thing a person can do.
   b) An amazingly potent way to feel good about yourself.
   c) Much better than merely holding a conviction, but doing nothing about it.