My-Proof is a free app which automatically creates, sends and stores video-based Proof Reports with just three clicks.
So it will prevent disputes and misunderstandings, promote customer confidence and protect your business.
More than ordinary video, each Report shows time, date and sender details along with a location map and the video.
Reports are stored on a securely with email and text links sent automatically to your chosen recipients. And if there is no network the Report is stored on the device, with the correct time and location data, to be sent later.
So it always works, anywhere, any time.
From sole traders to multinational corporations worldwide, My-Proof can be used for:
Field operational Reports
Evidence of regulatory compliance
Evidence of prior issues on a job, and job completion
Initiating insurance claims
Up-selling to customers
Available free to download and use an unlimited number of times, there is the option to subscribe to benefit from premium features including longer Reports, re-branding your Proof Reports with your own logo, bigger storage capacity for your Reports and more.