Welcome to My Career Advisor,

Most people have no idea where to start when looking for a career. So, they look at what their friends and family are doing and jump head first into a convenient career without properly exploring it. Then, they subsequently find out that the career is not what they thought it would be.  And, in many cases, they have huge student loan debts without having a career they can be successful in.

The only research most people do is to visit a local career training college. The problem with this is that if the college doesn't offer the specific training they need, these people just sign up for some program that is offered at the college. In many cases they end up in a career they are not suited for, or have little chance of succeeding in. In addition, they usually have a large student loan to pay off.

After watching many individuals make mistakes like this over the years, I founded My Career Advisor to help people get into career paths suited for them.
My Career Advisor provides a complete career transition process. It starts out by finding out what career(s) fit a person’s personality and their life experiences. Then the company helps them find the right career training program at the right school, and then provides assistance with getting a job in their chosen field.   This includes in-depth resume writing, interview readiness, and finally information on where to look for an ideal job. To further remove the risk, My Career Advisor provides a conditional Job Guarantee with their complete transition plan.

Joe Patel
My Career Advisor