Helping Small Business in the Worcester Mass County

The MyChoice consumer loyalty card helps local business in Worcester grow their business through; word of mouth, local fundraising events and discounts. The MyChoice approach to advertising means you don’t pay for advertising until the customer pays you.

Fundraising in the Worcester Mass County

MyChoice is not about offering more candy, or asking members to spend their valuable time on collecting money for your local school or church. Instead, it is about offering participants something they really want and need, the opportunity to save money on literally thousands of products and services. MyChoice Fundraising also provides a unique opportunity to earn monthly income with no extra effort.

Helping YOU save money

Unlike any other discount card, MyChoice gives you more choices every time you need to spend money.

Imagine saving every time you need to buy something! Just one consumer discount card that works everywhere; clothes, groceries, dining out, lawyers, dentist, electricians ...

Work from home opportunities in the Worcester Mass County

Need more money? Need a job? Have you ever thought about having your own business?

An advertising agent is an independent contractor that has joined MyChoice to build a business consisting of merchant accounts, consumer cardholders and IPTV subscriptions. Becoming an advertising agent is a great way to earn a significant income

Fundaising Worcester Mass
MyChoice Loyalty Card