My Ecuador Concierge is the premier provider of expert services for expats locating to the southern coastal region of Ecuador.   Focusing on real estate sales, construction management for remodels or new builds, Ecuador resident visa processing and overall concierge services My Ecuador Concierge is your one-stop shop servicing the Playas-Salinas-Montanita/Olon areas.  We want to make it easy for you to move to Ecuador.  

We currently have over $4M in inventory in real estate sales with a focus on beach front property (homes or land) or ocean view properties.  The expert team at My Ecuador Concierge represents you in the buying process so your negotiations are confidential affording you the best deal possible.  My Ecuador Concierge represents the best in Ecuadorian builders as well, such as Pablo Vintimilla Construction and the Puerto Lucia Yacht Club family of builders/developers.  

We are US expats who have gone through the process of buying homes, remodeling or building new, have gotten our Ecuadorian resident visa's and much more.  With clients from all over the world we help you navigate the process here and quickly and easily get you acclimated to your new home in Ecuador.  

Ecuador is Top 3 for retirement places in the world (according to general research).  You really can buy on the beach in Ecuador for under $100K - we did it and you can to.  Ecuador is beautiful, diverse, fun, inexpensive to live here and only a 5.5 hour flight to JFK or 4.5 hour flight to Miami -  nonstop direct flights by major international carriers run daily.  If you've always wanted a place on or at the beach that you could afford, be close enough to home to pop back when you need to and want to retire early or in comfort then take a look at Ecuador.  You'll be glad you did!