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Being a Gold Representative is easy and fun. The best part is, it is stress free and not time consuming. You can be your own boss and make your own schedule to fit your lifestyle. Your job is to host gold parties for your family, friends and colleagues to sell their unwanted gold jewelry. Your guests benefit by attending the gold parties because they receive money for their unwanted items and you benefit by hosting gold parties because you receive 10% of the gold your gold party takes in. Also, for every new Gold Representative you sign up through the referral program, you get paid 5% of all their future gold party revenue. Networking is also an integral part of being a successful gold rep. The more parties you host and the more people you invite, the more money you will make. It's that easy! We've taken all the foot work out of the process and even supply you with the marketing material you need to invite people to your gold parties. It's truly a simple process. If you can network and host parties, you can be a successful Gold Representative guaranteed. The time is now to network your way to wealth.

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