The Eye of the Beholder: Lean in design and structure a first ‘Beta’ of MyGreatWorld.com’s spot-related photo data-base is put online these days.

Aiming to document every notable location on earth, photographers around the world are invited to contribute their captures and impressions and to describe them to the community. The picture within these spots might for example depict details of a (not) recommendable hotel, a folkloristic event, an interesting building or even ‘just’ the own road...

Within the self-explanatory upload-procedure the photos can be classified into up to three (by ten) categories and are afterwards online for evaluations and comments.

www.MyGreatWorld.com lives from the users’ engagement and from the belief that on an international level there are no boring photos: The world in all its facets is very well worth seeing! And even if someone really feels that the own area may appear inconsequential to others, this applies not necessarily to a viewer from the other side of the earth. A user from Saudi-Arabia might view a rainy city scene with different eyes than a sun-hungry north European and the display of a landscape familiar to you might cause wanderlust to others!

Way too many phantastic photos are forgotten in file-folder around our great world.