One size does not fit all:
MyHealthStyle, Inc.’s first priority is helping members of our mobile health coaching app reach their personal HealthStyle goals via holistic, positive behavior change. With caring and honest support from our trained HealthStyle Coaches and incentives that include menu planning and shopping lists, we strive to create an environment of education and hope that enables our members to thrive, whether fatty liver disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome or any chronic illness governed by lifestyle choices. We do not sell any products, we coach you to your best you!

Enabling Coaches to Coach
MyHealthStyle Coaches have many different backgrounds; nutritionist, physical therapist, yoga instructors, and more, but they all have one thing in common - they love helping others. Each is accredited in their respective fields and MyHealthStyle trains them in our system and behavioral models.

Adapt, Adopt, Anticipate
Like life, nothing stays the same forever. Our member's personal HealthStyle goals will change as they reach each milestone and MyHealthStyle, Inc. will grow and change as each new development in the health and wellness industry evolves. From better nutritional advice to new training ideas to exciting new incentives or Client-Coach interactions, we strive to find the bests ways to engage members. MyHealthStyle, Inc. will adapt, adopt, and anticipate to remain on the forefront of the wellness industry.

Incentives For A Better HealthStyle
Engagement is key to replacing habits (behavior change) and we use tools to keep our members organized and even save a few dollars to keep them focused positively on their goals. Innovative incentives and engagements lead to positive interactions for our Clients ensuring a positive experience.

Environmental Data Capture
A unique attribute of MyHealthStyle is to be able to capture data on the back end uninfluenced by the member. This allows us to capture research data for community, academic and insurance organizations unskewed by a psychological impulse often associated with such data capture. We offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into difficult populations.

MyHealthStyle's sole purpose is to support our members with rapport and empathy in reaching their health and wellness goals, every day and one day at a time.

If you would like additional information or have questions about our coaches, services, or subscription, please email: