So you’ve built a thriving business around the Apartment and Home Rental Market and things are going pretty well… but the problem is, your customers’, and their tastes, are growing increasingly more sophisticated and demanding each and every day.  And it seems like everywhere you look, you find more and more businesses joining the “Mobile” revolution.

Now, what’s your plan for keeping up with the demands of today’s Renters?  
Pricey Printed Handouts and Promos?  
Expensive Office Furnishings?  
Maybe a Website to Start Ranking in Google or Bing?

While all those traditional methods are a great base to work from, if you really want to catch Renters’ attention then you need to reach them in a place that they’re constantly checking – their mobile phone!  With My Home Finder App you can get your very own Android and iPhone App – built with your Agency’s colors, logo and listings – for a lot less than you’d think.  

Perfect for promoting to your local market or sharing with visitors looking for an interactive tour of your available properties; Renters can search for available units by almost any category or by just clicking “Near Me” to see your listings pop up in a friendly Google Maps view.

Once your Renter’s find that home or apartment they’ve been looking for, they can access Photos, Descriptions, Reviews and Agent Information to speed them to your door for leasing.  Plus, with our included Rental Listing Website, it’s simple and easy to manage all of your properties in one convenient location… even integrating with MLS to automatically feed in your Network Listings.

Watch your Lease Rate skyrocket, your Vacancy Rate plummet and outshine your competitors by getting your very own My Home Finder App today!