MyHorseDates is the new Social Networking site designed specifically for the Equestrian Community and is targetted specifically towards those of us involved with Horses and Ponies by providing unique Equestrian facilities applicable to all ages. xxxxxxxx
MyHorseDates lets you connect with everyone you know in the horse world and make new friends with others that share your passion for everything horsy.

MyHorseDates is totally FREE and lets you...

Keep up to date with your Friends and their Horses/Ponies
->  find Friends using Search Facilities based upon aspects such as your Favourite Discipline
->  send your Friends a personal message that will appear in their Profile page
->  set yourself Tackroom Reminders for jobs that need to be done

Upload your favourite Horse/Pony photos
->  upload photos and details of all your Horses/Ponies both past and present
->  allow your Friends to see photos and details of your Horses/Ponies

Keep details of all your Horses/Ponies
->  keep a results section for all your Horses/Ponies both past and present
->  plan work routines for all your Horses/Ponies
->  keep feed charts for all your Horses/Ponies

Share photos and other information with your Friends
->  recommend and share a useful Contact to your Friends
->  allow your Friends to see your photos
->  write a note on a Friends Tackroom Wall

Keep details of your Horsy Contacts (Vet, Farrier, etc.)
->  find Contacts using Search Facilities based upon aspects such as Type of Contact (e.g. Vet)
->  use Contacts flagged as Public from your Friends and other MyHorseDates users
->  link Contacts to your Horses/Ponies (e.g. Vet, Farrier etc.)

Log on now to www.myhorsedates.co.uk and Get Connected

MyHorseDates - Connecting Horsy People in a Horsy World.

MyHorseDates is brought to you by the people responsible for HorseDates and during 2009 there will be enhanced integration between MyHorseDates and HorseDates.