My Intentional Success (MIS)

MIS is not for everyone. We are looking for 6th through 9th graders (once in the program, students may continue through 12th grade) who have a strong desire to succeed. Our team members work, study, cooperate, read, plan, design, create, and produce. It is fun, but it takes effort, time and commitment.

TEAM- Everyone who joins MIS will be assigned to a team. Each team will meet every week for at least 1.5 hours. As a team, members will be taught the curriculum (as listed below) and will be presented information from local professionals (financial planners, accountants, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and more). These presentations are meant to inspire and enlighten. Topics of presentation are also individualized to the groups pursuits, needs and requests. Weekly meetings will be at a consistent time and weekday. Teams will also likely have responsibilities one Saturday a month or an evening or two for MIS fundraising projects and community service. Each team will be involved in MIS fund raising projects and community service. With the assistance of their team leader, teams will make decisions on these projects including: marketing, advertising, budgeting, individual roles etc. In essence, they will work on the growth and success of all MIS projects. STUDENTS- Each team will also read, write and present information regarding the teams pursuits (including business plans, marketing strategies, etc.). Two of the most important things we teach at MIS are delayed gratification and the principle of giving. Students will come to learn the vast benefits of working now and being handsomely rewarded later. WARNING: Joining MIS does involve a good deal of time and effort. Please do not join if you are not serious about working hard, contributing to your community and saving money for college and/or future pursuits. If you would rather play XBOX, then stay at home and play XBOX, while we do really cool things, meet amazing people and make a life.

The Curriculum
Change is a given. Our youth need to be prepared to work hard for what they want and adapt as needed to a changing world. At MIS, we will help them become SUCCESS machines. Our students are taught to see “failure” simply as feedback and to continue to adjust their thoughts and actions until they reach the desired result. Our curriculum is continually improved and adjusted to student needs, but the following list includes many of our class topics and areas of study:

Goals and Vision, Personal Achievement, Continuous Improvement
Leadership, Powerful & Supportive Friends,     Personal Value, Responsibility, Positive Thinking, Awesomeness & Humility, Delayed Gratification, Business Design, Doing Difficult Things, Investment Principles,     Sincere Appreciation & Gratitude. Becoming an Unstoppable Force, Accounting, The Meaning & Value of Hard work, Service, Service and more Service, Understanding Happiness,     Strategic Marketing, We are all Self Educated, The Power of Decision, Strategic Marketing, 10,000 Hours to Expertise, Choosing Confidence, Superior Listening Skills, Health & Fitness, Programmed for Success, Follow Your Passion, Financial Leverage.  

Profit Sharing The podcast, magazine and printing division (and other projects we add) are not just fun projects for the students.  Our students receive profit sharing for their efforts.  Here is a break down of the how the profits are shared.

MIS receives a return of costs before distributing profits
We donate 10% of the profits to a local charity.  Students do get a say on the charity each month.
MIS receives 15% of the profits
The remaining 75% is split up among active students, based on their participation.  Students earn points for attending class, community service, project assignments, health initiatives (running with us) and more.
Once we figure out our profits, a value will be given to each point earned during the month.

Students will receive 25% of their profits by check or direct deposit and 75% of their share will be sent directly for deposit into an investment account in their name.

As a student builds up her/his balance, they and their parents may sit down with the local financial planner and make investment decisions.