About MyJennyBook
MyJennyBook offers custom-tailored children’s stories (“JennyBooks”) starring the child as the hero revolving around a plot chosen by or for the child.  JennyBooks are a multi-sensory experience dedicated to encouraging and promoting literacy and love of reading from an early age.  JennyBooks come in eBook, paper book and audio book form.  View our library at www.myjennybook.com.

Unmet Need – Quality, Fun and Interesting Children’s Stories
Ask parents today about the state of current children’s stories, and you will hear recurring themes: (1) they are sick of reading the same story over and over to their child; (2) they can’t interest their children in reading; and (3) there were no FUN products on the market to help children who have trouble learning to read.  We considered that a call to action and developed MyJennyBook.  

Our Solution – JennyBooks, Customized Child-Centered Stories
JennyBooks are stories for children, customized for each individual child, and starring the child as the hero of the story.  JennyBooks come in a series of popular themes, ranging from the utilitarian – being a new kid at school – to something as whimsical as being a pirate king.  Because the child receiving the JennyBook is the hero of the story, children love the JennyBooks!  Because they want to read about themselves, they are encouraged to do just that – read!  JennyBooks come in eBook, paper storybook and audio book formats.  Children love to touch, see and read their own personal story about them and the benefits of books (in whatever form) for children cannot be overstated.  

Audio books, particularly, assist parents in addressing the needs of children who have difficulty reading the printed word.  They provide the additional benefit of having a “personal storyteller,” who is, literally, on call 24-7.  Parents can have a respite from reading the same story again for the 100th time, letting the audio book take over every once in awhile.

Our JennyBook eBooks appeal to children and parents who love technology.  They also provide children with a multi-sensory experience and prepare them to enter this digital age in step with, or ahead of, their peers.

Our more traditional paper storybooks appeal to parents who want to sit down for an old-fashioned story time.  

Reading helps children develop language skills, increasing their chances for academic success and general lifelong success.  Books help children with language development, listening skills and reading comprehension.  They enhance attention span and encourage creativity, confidence, and self-expression.  Books foster imagination, teach and comfort.  JennyBooks create a wonderful lasting memory for any child aged approximately 3-8 years.  They aid in promoting literacy and love of reading.  They amuse, educate and, best of all, will be cherished for years to come.

JennyBooks make unique individualized gifts that children will cherish as a keepsake.