Mykindofjob started in September 2014 with the thought of empowering people to have a more fulfilled and balanced individual and professional lives. The same was to be achieved via our platform that brought together people who were looking at work options other than regular 9 to 6 jobs and companies who were looking for such untapped pool of talent. The thought is steadily turning into a phenomenon today where Mykindofjob makes strong positive impact on lives of thousands of people every month helping them lead more fulfilled and happy lives by providing them options to earn income without comprising on things that are important to them.

We are humbled with the huge support and encouragement of our users that has made us the largest flexi work portal in India in such a short time. We know that we have not even scratched the tip of the iceberg and we have a long way to go and lot to be done. Our distinctive model has been appreciated by the Corporate and adored by masses and we intend to grow stronger and better to offer a world-class experience to our users by being at cutting edge of innovation and peak of customer service.