MyMDband provides patients with a next generation Quick Response (QR) emergency medical bracelet powered by a sophisticated multilingual online medical system, enabling them to receive the best medical care, anytime, anywhere, securely.

MyMDband provides medical personnel with instant access to a person’s critical medical information, when it is needed most. The bracelet can be accessed using any standard smartphone, no special app required and it works anywhere around the world.

Using MyMDband’s patent pending technology, when the bracelet is accessed the medical information is automatically translated into the caregiver’s language, avoiding misunderstanding and saving valuable time, which can be a matter of life and death.

In addition, using the smartphones built-in GPS, emergency contacts are automatically notified with their loved ones location. This technology is useful for a wide variety of populations, from senior citizens to those who have medical conditions, take medication, suffer from allergies or simply want to travel the world with peace of mind.