My Media Tutor unleashes unlimited marketing potential when individuals verbally share their brand messages for public consumption. The company focuses on the messenger’s delivery, tone and tagline before publishing their message. When organizations, companies and individuals are ready to express themselves publicly, My Media Tutor will show up with the cameras and microphones to prep, groom and educate.

My Media Tutor, a one-stop training portal for radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and online broadcasts, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Supplying supplementary curriculum's for increasing unlimited media branding opportunities. The latest products and services offered by My Media Tutor will help clients to identify and effectively promote their brand message throughout an unlimited scope of media circuits.

My Media Tutor offers strategic formats designed to prepare a wide range of individual clients and key organizational spokespersons for an assortment of media representations and presentations. Such professional formats are strategically customized for targeting and communicating the brand message for organizational public relations representatives, athletes (collegiate, semi-pro and pro), oratorical delivery for debate teams or theater, authors, CEO’s and politicians, just to name a few.