Our mission is to provide organizations with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to foster the growth and vitality of their programs, staff, and the community in which it serves.  We provide an array of services (grant writing and reviewing, nonprofit incorporation, program development, strategic planning, board development, etc) that will enable organizations to be true change-agents in their communities.

Let us help you realize your dream by giving you the proper pillars for a successful organization.

We have hands-on experience with building the capacity of nonprofit organizations to better achieve their mission. This practical experience combined with our graduate-level academic training and deep passion for public service, allows us to be a true assistant to organizations seeking to become more efficient and effective.

Together we can coordinate, strengthen, and increase your capacity to serve.

Why Us

Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, it is important to find a trusted company to assist you in your efforts to deliver your mission.  Why not choose a company that is interested in not only providing solutions to your problems, but a company that is interested in the outcome of your endeavors. My Nonprofit Corner is focused on taking the journey of development and sustainability with you. We offer:

· Personalized Service

· Experienced & Dedicated Consultants

· Confidential Services

· Innovative Ideas

· Realistic and Honest Feedback

· Passion for your Mission