My Own Diabetes is an online community founded by Dave Zaiser after his years of struggling with diabetes. He discovered long ago that in spite of everyone’s best efforts to help, he had to accept responsibility for his own diabetes care.  That is why the site is called “My Own Diabetes”. People with diabetes, probably more than any other disease, must discovered be their own primary care giver,  working at it every day.  Their lives are greatly improved when they do.

The staff at MyOwnDiabetes.com searches through the overwhelming amount of information available online, and eliminates the repetitive and highly technical information. Concise and easy to understand articles and information is then presented.

People with diabetes can create a secure account which stores their daily and weekly test results, and provides a report for them to give to health care professionals. Doctors and Nurses love MyOwnDiabetes.com. Imagine the doctor’s surprise when the patient brings in a complete report of his or her daily glucose, heart and activity readings.

MyOwnDiabetes.com contacts patients everyday with a short email of news and reminders about eating right. If the patient has failed to record information on glucose, activities or heart information, there are reminders and encouraging notes to help keep on track. When patients see their daily results on a real-time graph, it helps them to take responsibility to test frequently, according to their doctor’s instructions.
Everyday a simple healthy meal plan and even snacks and deserts are included in the daily email.
The user friendly site provides latest news and developments in diabetes research, supporting forums, and even sponsors occasional cruises where patients can make new friends and learn more about diabetes care.
According to the American Diabetes Association, in the United States alone, over 24 million people suffer from Diabetes. This website provides much-needed daily help and support.  

Laura D, a home care nurse, writes to us –“ This could be the best solution for people with Diabetes.”