The foundation of CarbonCopyPRO begins with the simple idea of value. Not simply value in the sense of strictly quantifiable results, rather an unequivocal respect for the customers, employees, leaders and greater community that we serve as a company.

It is the supreme commitment of the PRO family to never compromise the integrity of the product, its progressive evolution or its community of employees in the pursuit of monetary success. These tenets of commitment have allowed PRO to emerge as the foremost leader in global Internet marketing education.

To achieve these goals we've placed a premium effort on the notion of community. It is the theology of CarbonCopyPRO that the cultivation of community and dialogue is the most effective, and exponentially explosive means of progress in business.

We are fundamentally committed to the success of each and every PRO associate, and strive to provide every possible resource to assist with the achievement of our employees. Such is the driving force behind the growth of any sustainable business.

We strive to cultivate entrepreneurial leaders. Leaders whom are recognized, empowered and relentless in the diligence they bring to their business. This entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of PRO’s foundation.

We all share in the obligation of personal responsibility, both civically and as individual business owners. We seek to foster the development of solution driven, ethical, consistent, visionary, motivated and financially independent individuals, whom are a benefit to themselves and the greater community at large.