My Pearl Box.com is a craft jewellery business based in  Suffolk, England. The site displays beatifully made items of jewellery by the owner and local craftsmen.  The jewellery is pearl based and tends to be of traditional classic designs however collections are put together to suit the season and to take advantage of attractive materials as they become available.

To differentiate the site from the many others that are on the web it includes an application allowing users to design their own colour schemes based on a wide range of classical jewellery layouts. Currently 25 different coloured freshwater pearls can be combined with  8 Swarovski crystals but this  changes and will expand over time.  Designs once submitted are made up and delivered worldwide within days.

The site was originally planned for use by women wanting to match necklaces, bracelets and earrings with new items of clothing without having to trawl the shops. However the feature has been used by a surprising proportion of men wanting to give highly personal  gifts for wives or girlfriends. It has also been used by a sports club to create accessories in club colours.