The vast majority of us spend more of our waking hours in the pursuit of this thing we call work than anything else.  Life is short.  Each one of us deserves the opportunity for a fulfilling, rewarding career.

What is a successful career?  There is no right answer.  It is unique to you and your personal ambitions.

A successful career might be simply earning enough money to pursue your true passion outside of work.  It might be having a flexible enough job that means you can combine your work with caring for a family member.  It might mean wanting to be the CEO of a global market leader.  It might be to be President.

How do you get there?  How do you set yourself up to succeed?  Where can you go to find out?

MyPerfectCareer was created with the purpose of sharing all the learning, information, resources, tools, tips and techniques you need to set you on the path to ultimate career fulfilment.

Our mission is to transform lives by equipping people with all the resources required for ultimate career fulfilment.

It's all here.  Articles, Seminars, Blogs, Video, DVD's, Downloads, Podcasts, Ebooks Resources and Jobs, Careers Coaching, Careers Fairs and Conferences.   All the inspiration, perspiration and determination you need to accelerate your path to ultimate career success.