Veterans, military members, and their families know all too well the daunting task of navigating thousands of resources and benefits available from the VA, State, local, and non-profit

MyVetBENEFITS cuts through all the noise and digitally matches Veterans and their
families to the most relevant benefits and resources using a proprietary digital algorithm, in a matter of seconds. This one-of-a-kind app is available now in its website version with iPhone and Android versions coming soon.

First, you simply answer a few questions to create your own unique biographical profile based on the Veteran/military member's time in service and the app takes care of the rest…digitally matching your profile to benefits and resources from a database of thousands.

You can then save benefits to an even more personalized list for quick

There’s also a separate feature allowing you to browse a curated list of
nationally-established organizations under key “Resource” categories, such as:
- Employment
- Entrepreneurship
- Service Organizations
- Financial & Insurance
- Real Estate & RelocationRetail BenefitsAnd more!