Digital Network Specialty Corp, is set to be a leading provider of digital content management and distribution services to the television broadcasting industry, announced today that it will distribute ENERGY FLOW NETWORK and MY VIVA TV.  Digital Network Specialty Corp will distribute the TV networks across communities in the U.S., to thousands of OTT platforms, broadcast affiliates and cable head-ends across the US, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Digital Network Specialty Corporation, a multimedia company, based in Los Angeles and Houston, has acquired the Energy Flow Network (EFN), an English Language internationally broadcast/cable television channel, with programming from a wide range of programmers, both original and syndicated highlighting the oil, gas and fuel industry and focusing on energy, going green, EPA, environmental safety, energy conservation, new sources of energy and its contribution to the world. The main focus of the channel is to educate and entertain the general public on the impact of the oil & gas, chemical and refinery industry and the valuable roles and the positive impact that they play in our lives and throughout the world.  

The company has also developed MyVivaTV, a Latino based English content international broadcast/cable television channel open to diverse content from the Native American, African-American, Asian, and Caucasian communities. MyVivaTv, is the place to find quality programming tailor-made for today's "Latino and Diverse" audiences, (the modern audience) while being distributed on multiple digital and satellite platforms.  MyVivaTv's programming offers something for everyone delivered in a compelling way and in the evolving predominant language of English with a distinct Diverse content that is remarkably inclusive not exclusive: Movies, Mobile Games, Music, Beauty, Entertainment News, Autos and Sports.  

Energy Flow Network (EFN) and MyVivaTV (MVT) are expected to launch in March 2016.

Digital Network Specialty Corporation is now under new ownership and management: The founder and Chairman of the Board of Digital Network Specialty Corporation, Johnathan Gwyn, has partnered with Crystal Santos, appointed Chief Executive Officer, member of the Board of Directors, and shareholder of Digital Network Specialty Corporation; Jesse Torres, appointed Chief Financial Officer, member of the Board of Directors, and shareholder; Aaron Michael Sanchez, appointed Executive Producer, member of the Board of Directors, and shareholder.