MyWorkNinja.com started with the aim of bringing the #1 talent development resource of an executive coach to as many professionals as possible.

We believe every individual is unique and hiring one coach for the whole team/company simply doesn’t work.

Coaches create the self-awareness needed for anyone to get a 360 look and understanding of the situation they’re in which allows them to find appropriate solutions not thought of before.
This is independent of whatever the company culture and values might be. A more self- aware and supported individual will perform better no matter what the circumstances.

With our vast selection of vetted coaches, your people can connect with a coach that gels with them and switch as needed.
Try a spot coaching call starting at $99, no long-term contracts.

Our coaches are credentialed by International Coach Federation and have an average experience of 1000 hours of coaching professionals from companies like Boeing, Microsoft as well as young start-ups. They are available OnDemand over phone/video on as needed basis.

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