"My Rock Real Estate takes pride in serving the people of Central Texas and beyond.  Our experience in real estate allows us to implement the best possible strategies for distressed homeowners, investors and first time buyers.  Our philosophy is built around two simple ideals:  quality and experience.  We have coined the term THE PROBLEM PROPERTY SOLUTION.  Put these advantages to work for you today."

My Rock Real Estate has  years of experience serving Central Texas as a recpected  investment and debt negotiation company.  My Rock Real Estate  was created to facilitate the process of buying and selling problem properties. We continue to work with homeowners and buyers to help direct the transfer of distressed property in Central Texas and nationwide.  We regularly buy property no one else wants. We then spend time redeveloping the property and get it back to neighborhood standards.

We also routinely act as a liaison between foreclosing lenders and Home Owners and are extremely knowledgeable about the foreclosure process in Texas.
My Rock Real Estate is a real estate investment company and residential redevelopment company. We also meet the needs of home buyers.  We routinely meet the demand of prospective buyers interested in discounted real estate. Through our expertise and well-developed network of specialists, My Rock Real Estate has successfully negotiated transactions across the United States.
If you are interested in buying your next property and need some guidance on where to go for solid advice let us know.
We can help with the following:

•Investment/ rehab properties
•Rental properties and positive cash flow
•Your next dream home
•Low or no money down programs

If you are interested in buying your next home soon we may be able to help and you may be able to obtain a great property at a deeply discounted price. If you want to be put onto our preferred notification list of home buyers call the office now.
We provide stability and solutions to uncertain situations.  If you are a distressed homeowner or interested Buyer feel free to call us for a free analysis.