Crafty Kansas City based band Myco reinvents mind-bending music that swirls together dynamic textures of rock, funk and electronic into a brand-new sound that invites listeners to trip through the stimulating and limitless depths of the human imagination. Keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter and psychedelic visionary Kyle Henry crafts clever lyrics inspired by his own trips through the world of magic mushrooms. He illustrates his personal experiences and explores themes of science, philosophy and spirituality with the help of drummer Andrew MacIntyre, guitarist Jesse Rodriguez and bass guitarist Cory Yeager. Marked by vivid keyboard melodies, infectious guitar hooks and intoxicating grooves, Myco’s intricate recordings show the band’s obsession with fine detail and passion for experimenting with different styles and genres, including psychedelic rock, electronica, new wave, metal and jazz. The band’s live performances are a funk-filled, groovy thrill-ride into its soul, a personal invitation to escape from the world into a bold and expressive alternate universe.

Myco’s self-titled debut EP is a collection of five tracks that illustrate the power of the human mind and showcase psychedelic music trailblazer Henry’s skills as a songwriter and composer. Myco features a combination of instrumentals and songs with lyrics that highlight perspectives on life, love, enhanced experiences and the joy of letting go.

The idea for Myco hit lifelong musician and creator Henry in his late teens and early 20s. Moved by the cerebral and vibrant music of legendary ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s prog rock and psychedelic artists like Pink Floyd, The Doors, ELO, Alan Parsons, Frank Zappa and David Bowie, he began writing songs and playing in a variety of bands while expanding the limits of his own consciousness through the use of psychedelics. Henry’s experiences helped shape his life philosophies and principles, rooted in the idea that everything is interconnected. Ever curious about science and nature, his exploration of psilocybin mushrooms also sparked a fascination with mycology and the idea that fungi are decentralized organisms. As he dove deeper into the music industry, he started to explore bitcoin and blockchain technology, which to him represented the key to living in a free, interconnected society. Henry soon decided to launch Myco, calling on the talents of his long-time, like-minded friend and musical collaborator MacIntyre. The two invited Rodriguez and then Yeager into the fold to play guitar and bass and to take the sound to a new level.  Jesse Rodriguez and Cory Yeager left the band in 2017 and were replaced by guitarist Eric Horn and bassist Sam Lipsett.

Now, Myco’s mission is to create music that expresses the psychedelic dream of life while spreading the larger message of freedom through decentralization. Staying true to the ideology on which it was founded, the band released its first single, “Myceliated” for free with the option to tip using a bitcoin qr code on the cover art, and is committed to accepting and implementing cryptocurrency for all future releases.