mylathecos.io provides a product line of highly desirable and very rare fantasy-based error and variety coins based on actual United States minted coinage in the denomination of 1 cent through one dollar.

However, instead of mechanical misalignment which in reality causes an error to occur on a US Minted coin, Mylathecos, The Mysterious Error God of The Universe performs magic from his perch in the Heavens and as a result, a similar type of of error appears on the fantasy coinage.

The fantasy experience does indeed have a basis in reality as a real world event that has occurred during the year of the coin's production is somehow sensed by Mylathecos, which causes him to intercede and create the error on the fantasy coin.

The product line is designed to bring comic relief to the professional class in the Numismatics industry and it is intended to attract a new generation of coin collectors as the Phygital offering also includes a downloadable digital artware ( Non- Fungible Token) image which includes embedded audio and video that further describes how Mylathecos interceded causing the error to appear.

All listings are purchased directly from the organization's website, with payment via credit or debit card (fiat) rather than the more cumbersome cryptocurrency payment requirements for most other NFT offerings. Once received, easy to follow instructions allow the buyer to authenticate and redeem the purchase with the resulting product's source identification information communicated onto the blockchain.

The creator has applied for a United States Patent Office(USPTO) international Class 009 trademark registration for the name Mylathecos.