Myth-to-Measure is a London-based multimedia storytelling agency founded by Florie-Anne Virgile in 2018. Myth-to-Measure provides bespoke communication consulting and tools for young businesses, produces video content for corporate, charities & TV, and provides fixing and drone filming services for foreign crews. The company creates content with character, providing clients with high quality and consistent content for all budgets. Myth-To-Measure is agile, and works as a hive for talents. Latest clients include CXB HUB, Clippings, CrypPro, Business France, Topla, AviaMediaTech, One Newham, CGTN, Auchan Russia, Canal + Group, Arte Creative, France 5, Ubique, and Cinétévé. For more information about Myth-to-Measure, visit www.mythtomeasure.co.uk