The Naperville Area Humane Society (NAHS) is a non-profit, limited admission animal shelter accepting cats and dogs. Our shelter can house as many as eighteen dogs and forty cats.

Each animal is tenderly cared for at NAHS. Entering a shelter can be stressful or possibly even terrifying to some cats and dogs. Our dedicated and highly trained staff and over 400 volunteers offer compassionate care to each animal and work to address his or her individual needs.

The staff works diligently to match the needs of each pet with a family eager to adopt a dog or cat. While at NAHS, all animals receive basic vaccinations as well as medical care. All animals are neutered or spayed before being released to their new owners. In addition, dogs’ temperaments are thoroughly assessed before being made available for adoption. Each year, we care for roughly 1,600 cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, there continues to be far too many cats and dogs needing help in our society. Since we cannot solve this overwhelming problem ourselves, we have evolved our approach to the homeless animal crisis to include innovative community service initiatives, such as humane education and a behavior helpline, while we continue to re-home animals.

Our Mission: Naperville Area Humane Society is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1979 to develop and implement animal welfare programs and services within Naperville and the surrounding area. Our goal is to protect animals and prevent animal suffering. While providing shelter and adoption programs for homeless animals, NAHS also strives to educate the community on compassion, respect and kindness towards all living things.

Our History: In 1979, a group of caring citizens dedicated themselves to helping homeless companion animals in their community. They created the Naperville Humane Society and fostered animals in their homes until permanent homes could be found. Wishing to serve more people and animals, this group solicited the financial support of the community and built a 3,500 square foot shelter in 1988.
After 25 years and more than 20,000 animals served, the Board of Directors changed the name of the organization to more accurately reflect the population we serve. In January of 2005 the name was officially changed to Naperville Area Humane Society., which more accurately reflects the areas we serve.

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