Since its founding, Taipei-based North America Intellectual Property (NAIP) Corporation has gained a reputation for comprehensive service and stringent quality standards in the field of patent prosecution. With steadfast dedication to clients and unfailing emphasis on professionalism, NAIP has grown to over 170 employees and is now among the largest patent firms in Taiwan.

1. Professional, highly efficient US patent application services
Complete filing through the USPTO Electronic Filing System (EFS)
The NAIP Patent Application & Management System enables highly efficient, accurate and completely electronic filing that allows clients to obtain application numbers for both non-provisional and provisional applications within one hour of filing. Few patent law firms in the world are capable of such filing in any significant quantity or with such efficiency.
Automatic application status updates through the USPTO PAIR system
The NAIP Patent Application & Management System automatically downloads all application updates from the USPTO database at scheduled intervals to keep clients informed of an application’s most current status. This system allows NAIP to eliminate any potential delays or omissions caused by the USPTO and ensures clients can confidently handle even multiple applications easily and effectively.

2. Strategic worldwide patent partners and application services
Close partnerships with local professional patent law firms worldwide
In addition to US and Taiwan patent services, NAIP provides worldwide patent application services through partner patent agents. To provide the best option for clients, foreign patent agent partners are chosen solely on considerations of operational stability, management capability, procedure comprehensiveness and pricing, rather than if mutual business benefits exist.
Transparent billing
All billing notices contain clear listings of all foreign patent agent invoices or debit notes and NAIP service fees so clients have complete records of all fee items and how they are incurred.
Superior English-language Office Action replies and technical know-how
Superior English-language capability and technical expertise allow NAIP to quickly, accurately identify the critical points of Office Actions and provide professional consultation.

3. Robust Patent Management System and experienced patent management team
NAIP's self-developed Patent Application & Management System is a powerful and comprehensive system that clients can use to monitor the status of patent applications in multiple countries. The system includes supports for all critical patent services such as IDS, priority claims, reissues and more.
In response to the rapidly increasing number of patent applications, NAIP continually improves and enhances patent administration processes and client services. Some of the most recent improvements include:
1. Double-checking of patent applications by the Client Service Team and Patent Administration Team to prevent mistakes and delays.
2. An integrated, comprehensive process for tracking issues and managing urgent applications.
3. A Patent Legal Research department to better stay up-to-date with complicated patent regulations in various countries.
4. Established processes for periodic status-monitoring of foreign country patent applications.
4. Safe and swift total online professional service
North America Intellectual Property Corp. (NAIP) presented a more quality total B2G (Group) online professional service portal “PVIGO e-Services”. This portal provides multiple defense structures as well as strictly-managed system of clearance, furthermore, NAIP adopts matrix control system “access control X authorized client control”, in order to strictly manage authorized users’ clearance, securing clients’ patent information.
PVIGO is fully compatible to “company, corporation, firm/office, and individual” membership system. PVIGO allows group or agency users to control its subsidiaries (clients) to be fully informed with entrusted cases. Also, for the clients to be fully informed with case status and case details, PVIGO features “Designate Notification Scheduling” and “Output Template Management”.

5. Patent Renewals Online Order
Patent Renewals Online Order calculates deadline of entrusted patent renewal payments and automatically notifies clients to proceed online order via PVIGO e-Services based on client’s designated schedule. All members make renewal payment online are entitled to have discount starting from 3%.