A not-for-profit company incorporated by the Innovation and Technology Commission
of the HKSAR Government, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) is hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), with offices and
laboratories in both HKUST and Hong Kong Science Parks.

NAMI undertakes and funds industry oriented research in nanotechnology and advanced materials focusing on sustainable energy, construction materials, display and solid state lighting, environmental technologies, medical and healthcare materials, and other coating and surface treatment applications.

Facilitating successful collaboration among academia, business and government, NAMI offers market-driven, innovative solutions to local industries by transforming scientific advancements into marketable products.

Through symposia, workshops, and technical newsletters, NAMI provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas while bridging researchers and industries
for technology incubation.

Business Opportunity
NAMI’s experienced commercial team possesses strong business networks across
industries, linking up overseas investors with local partners to foster R&D collaboration
along with other business opportunities.

NAMI’s technical team is composed of highly trained scientists and researchers who offer dedicated services to support its industrial partners. NAMI also draws on leading
researchers from academia worldwide to serve the needs of any specific applications.

NAMI can provide access to a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities in fabricating, testing, and evaluating advanced materials through collaboration in R&D projects. The availability of such assets is an invaluable resource in local product development.

Coupling with our industry network, expertise, and facilities, NAMI gives financial
support to projects that apply advanced technologies. With an annual R&D funding
of over HK$100 million, we actively look for opportunities to pursue projects that will deliver high value-added products, bringing potential benefits to the economy of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region.

Examples of NAMI’s projects include:
Sustainable Energy
• Key technologies for CIGS solar cells and high efficiency amorphous silicon solar cells
• Organic photovoltaic
• High efficiency amorphous silicon photovoltaic
• Carbon nanotube as catalyst support and advanced material for energy storage
• Quantum dot dye-sensitised solar cells

Construction Materials
• Enhanced ductility and service life of galvanised structural steel members
• Layered nanostructured metallic sheet/plate for structural applications
• Thermal insulation materials
• Self-cleaning and anti-bacterial coating solutions

Display & Solid State Lighting
• Monolithic LED display on silicon (LEDoS) for high brightness pico projector
• Advanced die attach adhesives for efficient thermal management
• Organic LED materials and devices
• Quantum dots for display and lighting

Environmental Technologies
• Air pollution control system for street and indoor environment
• Highly efficient anti-bacterial porous filters
• Photocatalytic condensate-recovery air-conditioning system

Medical & Healthcare Materials
• Nano-structured oral dosage forms of isoflavone and insulin
• Synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) nanocapsules as protein drug carriers
• Sensors for diagnosis and monitoring
• Orthopaedic devices and biodegradable stance