The North Carolina Chapter is an administrative unit of the National Association of Social Workers which is headquartered in Washington DC.  NASW-NC was developed in 1955 and the Chapter currently has 5 staff and over 4,400 members.  

Most NASW-NC members are master's level educated social workers who work in various practice settings across North Carolina.  The Chapter also has significant numbers of bachelors (BSW) level members and student members.

As a membership association NASW-NC provides numerous membership benefits such as newsletters, consultation on professional issues, malpractice insurance, lower fees at association conferences, etc.  The Chapter is also involved in professional advocacy through lobbying efforts in the NC General Assembly and representation on numerous statewide coalitions, committees and task forces, as well as with numerous departments with North Carolina State government.  The Chapter's advocacy and legislative efforts focus on issues that would be of concern to social workers clients, such as health care for all.