NBA Safaris is a travel agency that specializes in basketball vacations from Europe to the USA.

Mission Statement:
NBA Safaris is dedicated to putting an NBA vacation within reach of all NBA fans in the world. NBA Safaris has three main objectives:

1. To help all NBA fans find their ultimate NBA vacation.

We have put together many different types of Safaris so most NBA fans can find their ultimate NBA Safari easily. And for those who can't, we have created the possibility to build their own personal Safari in a few quick steps.

2. To be a low cost travel agency.

We keep the prices of our Safaris low by:

   * Making all NBA Safaris totally self-reliant vacations.
     We have no local representative or large customer service department to guide the traveler during the NBA Safari. Instead we provide the traveler with all the necessary documents and information to find his or her own way. Of course we can always be contacted in case of an emergency.

   * Not having a fixed price for our Safaris.
     We can usually offer the traveler a lower price because we can find the lowest price available at the moment of the request for a price quote. We can take advantage of special offers by hotels, car rental agencies and airlines. And we give this advantage back to the traveler.

3. To maximize traveler satisfaction.

We have put in place the following measures to ensure the highest level of satisfaction from our travelers:

   * The traveler can customize each Safari by giving us their preferences for hotel class, type of rental vehicle, stadium seat level and other options.
   * We provide the traveller with detailed information about the flight schedule, hotels, type of rental vehicle and stadium seat level before he or she makes the decision to book a Safari.
   *  We only use high quality airlines, hotel chains and car rental agencies.
   * The traveler is provided with all the documents and information needed to successfully complete the Safari on his or her own.
   * We keep in close contact with the traveller leading up to the moment of departure, during the Safari and after the return. We encourage the traveler to inform us of any problems during the Safari.