NC Independents is a communication and organizing group of concerned citizens working to connect and empower the 28% of registered unaffiliated voters as well as independent thinkers in North Carolina's US Congressional 9th District.  We began as a small group and are growing in numbers.

Many of us have thrown votes away through the years voting for candidates that fit the goals of our  political and social ideology.  The problem in the past with many of these candidates is that they just do not have a chance in winning the ticket they are running on.  

We believe that if you don't win, you cannot change the system.

Independents are Americans who believe that this country is actually supposed to be a republic. They are Americans who express the need for an inclusive, democratic process in which we can talk honestly and openly about the issues we face.  Independents more often vote based on their political ideology not based on partisanship.  They often believe it is their civic duty to make up their own mind in the voting process.  And even with 40% of America being registered as Independent and 28% in D9, Independents are largely a discarded group of voters.  Political Strategists on both sides push the notion that the Independent voter is a myth.  This may be largely due to the fact that they do not support issues that are important to Independents, or perhaps they truly are exclusive in admitting only those that can be molded without questions to their political ideology.  Whatever the reasons, as Independents we are tired of being shut out of the process and are going to speaking out during the 2012 elections.