NET LIFE is the originator of the LCMO®, LCDO® mortgage and lending products and the NET LIFE Auto Lease Program®.  All of the NET LIFE products are comprised of commonly used industry-standard mechanisms; an asset and a life insurance policy.  When the asset and policy are combined, an LCMO® or an LCDO® is created and becomes the most innovative method of non-recourse financing ever to be made available in the United States or abroad.

NET LIFE Financial is a Private Equity Fund which is wholly owned and operated by its managing members through its primary holding company; a Washington D.C. based statutory trust.  The statutory trust structure of operation ensures complete transparency to the general public.  NET LIFE Financial has chosen PriceWaterhouseCoopers for its quarterly audits and will make all financial reporting available through its corporate website located at:  www.NETLIFEFinancial.com/financials.