NEURS – A Game Changing Connections Platform & Affiliate Program in 193 countries, 100,000+ Active Affiliates & 4 Million Page Views in First 30 Days

“NEURS is a fantastic connections platform for everyone” says Dr. Denis Cauvier, Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer. "It is the perfect starting point for the aspiring entrepreneur to find their ideal business by using our online Business Suggestion Engine, learn vital information online with NEURS University, and connect with a global community of providers of business opportunities and business services. The first 30 days of online activity for NEURS speaks volumes, and this is just the beginning.”
In the first 30 days of the initial beta launch (January 26 - February 26, 2014), NEURS has received:
•     4+ million page views
•     1+ million invitations sent
•     Over 675,000 unique visitors
•     Is in 193 countries
•     Hundreds of thousands accepted NEURS invitations
•     Over 100,000 active users who have checked in at least once in the last 7-10 days
NEURS is a business start-up consulting firm that connects and empowers entrepreneurs around the world. Online services will include connections and capital resources that entrepreneurs need to find, build, and profit from their ideal business. In addition to the services, NEURS will soon offer training through “NEURS University” to help train and educate entrepreneurs. Twenty of the fifty online courses will be made available at the official launch of NEURS in March/April 2014.
To support NEURS commitment to the entrepreneurial world, two of its co-founders Frank Codina (Chief Executive Officer) and Dr. Denis Cauvier (Chief Business Development Officer) co-authored START NOW! How to Find, Build & Profit from Your Ideal Business. http://startnowbook.com/ “This book was written for the 50 million aspiring entrepreneurs in North America, and the hundreds of millions around the world that simply don't know what their ideal business is. And not knowing this has stopped them from accomplishing their life's goal of achieving freedom and financial stability. People dream of starting their own business and being their own boss but they don't even know where to start,” said Dr. Cauvier. “This book will show the reader how to find the perfect business for them and so much more, including how to build, grow and profit from their most ideal business.”
NEURS is so committed to sharing the principles in this book with members, earning a free e-version of the book, when they sign up and get six people to accept their invitation. To obtain a free copy of this book go to: http://drdeniscauvier.neurs.net/l/en
For entrepreneurs, https://en.neurs.com/  provides connections to a local, national, and global pool of providers as well as resources to help get their start-up idea off of the ground.
For those seeking a business opportunity, NEURS provides an online “business opportunity match-making service” that will connect those looking for a business opportunity to viable local, national, or even international business opportunities. These opportunities will range from work-at-home businesses, direct sales and franchises. Those searching for an opportunity will have the ability to directly connect with those offering a business opportunity that they may be interested in learning more about.
Until now, no such global business opportunity database has existed for those seeking an opportunity.
For providers, who provide either a business opportunity (direct sales, franchise, information product creators, etc.) or a service to entrepreneurs (attorney, CPA, designer, programmer, writer, author, consultant, etc.) NEURS will provide a new method for generating business.
Providers who choose to be listed in NEURS will have their company and information shown to entrepreneurs who are seeking their services. Additionally, entrepreneurs will be able to easily connect to the local, national, or International providers of services or a business opportunity via the NUERS platform. Additionally, Franchisors, individuals, or businesses that provide a business opportunity will also have access to an online webinar system to educate people about their business opportunity to further enhance their lead-generation. Potential providers can email denis@neurs.com for more information.
NEURS also provides a game changing affiliate program. Affiliates will earn both upfront as well as monthly residual commissions by referring customers to either the entrepreneur account or provider account. (Both account levels start at $99 per month.) Affiliates can also refer other affiliates to generate a monthly residual income stream from the customers they refer.
To receive an invitation to join NEURS or to book an interview please email denis@neurs.com
To enroll into the NEURS Affiliate program, visit: http://drdeniscauvier.neurs.net/l/en
Dr. Denis Cauvier is an Independent Affiliate of NEURS.