Newage-Innovations, LLC., the creator and pioneer in the field of smartkey technology is proud to announce Key™ - a brand-new, more elegant form in mobile computing. Key™ is arguably the most personal mobile device yet, because it's the only mobile device that you can't leave home without. Everything about Key™ - from its revolutionary technology to the beautiful craftsmanship - was meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into your day to day lifestyle. Key™ introduces a specially designed and engineered (3XK Engine™), a revolutionary key dispensing mechanism that provides an innovative way to search for your keys, in addition to dispensing and retracting keys with a single touch, or by voice dictation. Newage-Innovations Key™ will enable you to communicate right from your key fob by sending and receiving messages, as well as answering calls to your smartphone. Key™ also introduces a comprehensive breathalyzer and fitness app that can help individuals lead a more health-conscious lifestyle. Key™ is available in three distinctive finishes - Silver, Mercury Grey, and Gold.