Nicola Westby has over twenty years experience in the field of personal development and social work. Starting her career working with special needs and socially deprived children in Manchester. Her work there  dealt with children who were abused , emotionally, sexually and physically. From that environment she moved on to Social Services in Stockport where she quickly gained a reputation in dealing with the Children and Families department in the toughest neighbourhoods in the district. She worked with drug addiction, suicide risk cases, child neglect / abuse and single parents who could not cope. Nicola returned to University to gain a degree in social work, specialising in probation. This lead to a change of direction through the criminal justice system. After 10 years working in prisons, young offenders institutes and the courts, Nicola was accredited with successfully initiating several working groups and therapeutic counselling sessions  which were enourmously successful. After attaining the level of Senior probation officer and managing her own office and staff , Nicola took the opportunity to relocate with her family to Spain.
It was here in Spain that she discovered the amazing techniques available within the field on Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP).  This fantastic branch of psycology achieves huge results in a fraction of the time. Far more powerful than anything else Nicola has ever come across for creating change for her clients.
Now she shares the benefit of all that experience for people who need a little help. People who need a little coaching to move on to the next level in their career, the next level in their relationships  or simple to  break old habits and routines that hold people back.