NOVA Sales, Marketing & Communications
Making Marketing Work™

NOVAsmc helps businesses achieve better business results from their marketing and sales investments by closely aligning strategic business plans with actionable, cost-effective marketing, communications and sales tactics to achieve specific business objectives and measurable results.  NOVA is based on the principle that marketing works when plans and tactics are driven by the company’s business objectives and marketing is focused on achieving specific and measurable results to propel the business towards success.

Applying over 30 years of proven marketing, communications and sales experience - NOVA makes marketing work by focusing on strategy, tactics, execution and measurement that contribute to business, relationship and financial goals as defined by the business to succeed.

Global marketing management
Strategic business and marketing planning
Growth and acquisition strategies
Sales and business development
Lead generation/maturation
Content creation and marketing
Thought leadership
Speaking opportunities and event management
Tactics and collateral
Sales management/support
Revenue planning
Customer profiles and customer satisfaction survey
Case studies and testimonials
Value propositions
Industry and solution marketing
Media/analyst relations
External/internal communications
Social media strategy and management
Website development/measurement
Account management
Budget planning, management and ROI analysis
Marketing team leadership