The original award-winning NOZIPP Magnetic Sleeping Bag transformed how people think about sleeping bags by introducing magnetic closures, instead of zippers, to provide a more convenient experience. NOZIPP’s latest product, the NOZIPP UL (ultralight), picks up where the original left off. Using a simple, but effective, button toggle system, the NOZIPP UL provides campers with a uniquely versatile design that weighs significantly less than both the original NOZIPP Magnetic and many of the industry leaders’ similarly priced sleeping bags.

The NOZIPP UL’s overlap design not only makes it easier to bundle down, but also allows for enhanced versatility. Sleeping bags are notoriously fussy to close up and their narrow openings can be difficult to climb into. On almost any piece of technical equipment, zippers not only add weight, but are frequently prone to jamming, or otherwise failing during the most inconvenient times. Not ideal for situations where weight and easy access to warmth are important to the user.

NOZIPP’s airtight patent-pending torso overlap design enables the user to stretch out during evenings when it is not quite so cold, and momentarily discard heat when the need arises. NOZIPP is the only sleeping bag manufacturer to have this design.