We help companies in their pursuit to acquire new business. We have proven that a firm handshake, a great smile, and face-to-face communication are the most effective tools in acquiring lifetime customers.

Telemarketing and junk mail marketing campaigns have proved to be extremely ineffective when it comes to marketing to small business customers. The breakdown of these marketing avenues has led to a huge opening for NRG. Our personalized approach to direct marketing fills a void left by other direct marketing channels.

Companies across the globe have struggled with making in-house marketing effective and efficient. Outsourcing has allowed those companies to both increase sales revenue and expand their customer bases. Its the fastest, most cost-effective way to reach potential customers.

We are not a full service marketing firm. Our primary focus is taking over the face-to-face channel of your direct marketing campaign. Your company can  focus on brand recognition and product innovation, while we bring your company  lifetime revenue and additional customers on a daily basis. Professionalism, clear communication, and integrity are core standards at NRG. You can depend on us to represent your brand with integrity, increase market share, and generate revenue; day in and day out.