Trust NSB Financing to safeguard your financial future. Founded by Oscar Perez, a seasoned real estate investor with over 16 years experience in real estate ownership. Mr. Perez received his mortgage broker license 15 years ago. He leads the company with prior business knowledge and experience in the industry.

Why should you choose NSB Financing to secure your assets? First and foremost, they protect real estate investors. Perez founded the company with experience in commercial real estate lending. He has worked and integrated himself in the lending sector, witnessing how unfair lenders can be to real estate investors. And, he wants to change the tide by giving these investors new opportunities to explore fresh options.

The motto at NSB Financing is to ‘think outside the box.’ It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. Perez will sit down with you, walking you through it—step by step. He and his team of dedicated associates are prepared to offer real estate investor new lending options, such as niche lending that gives investors the money they need to thrive. They are certified to offer non-owner occupied residential and commercial real estate loans. They are going to be your cheerleaders when you need someone on the sidelines.

And they don’t stop there. They believe that not everything is cut and dry. What’s right for one investor may not be right for another. When you choose NSB Financing, you will receive a personalized consultation session where they will outline the best way to grow your business. They assist you in this by referring to your company guidelines. Your input matters to NSB Financing; they are going to be there for you every step of the way.

Learn more about our President:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/oscar-perez-23b24b126

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