Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation is a Wayne County, Michigan based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in November 2017 by Terri Brinston. Our wraparound programs intervene through educational programming, prevention initiatives, mentoring, case management services, parent support, and actively collaborate with others to build students and families’ capacity for adaptation, self-management, career and employment preparation, self-advocacy, and learning.

We believe that education is the engine for climbing the socioeconomic ladder, a big part of the American Dream. But public school students and young adults are facing new unprecedented challenges undermining their opportunities to learn and prosper. It happens right in front of us, and we don’t always see it.

Today statistics show us higher-than-average dropout rates, more families living below the Federal Poverty Level, lower-than-average graduation rates, and not surprisingly, an increase in teenage suicide.
These trends are disturbing. So what is it we are missing?

We know that barriers like unstable and unsupervised home environment often with divorced parents is a significant factor. Stumbling blocks like incarcerated family members, being victims or witnesses of drug, physical, or mental abuse or suffering in silence with behavioral-emotional-mental health disorders, and medical conditions compound the struggles.  Dealing daily with even one of these roadblocks contributes to poor performance in the learning environment. And we know how many of the school-aged children and young adults we help, and support is coping with multiple life distractions that impact them daily.

Our program modifies the frame of mind and thinking to a more positive and productive outlook, as well as increasing motivation, self-esteem, confidence, ambition, and self-awareness.  We help redirect negative or non-productive habits, transform undesirable thinking and inappropriate behaviors all while changing self-limiting beliefs to increase contentment, fulfillment providing a pathway to begin a better life.  Please help us.