Northwest Fighting Arts is a multidisciplinary martial arts academy:
For Muay Thai Kickboxing: http://www.nwfighting.com/MuayThai.html
For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: http://nwfighting.com/BJJ.html
For MMA: http://www.nwfighting.com/mmaportland.html
For Eskrima: http://www.nwfighting.com/fma.html
For Tai Chi: http://www.nwfighting.com/taichi.html
For Qigong: http://www.nwfighting.com/qigong.html
For The Women's Fitness Bootcamp: http://www.nwfighting.com/womens_kickboxing.html
For The Kids Martial Arts Program: http://www.nwfighting.com/youthpower.html

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General Information
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